For The Love AND Money
Directed and Written by Brendon Fong

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Director's Notes

Log Line: "The first time"

When we started Trespassing, we realized we wouldn't have the budget or the resources that the actual On The Lot contestants did. And we were okay with that... But the one thing we didn't take into account was not having enough time to shoot! With a hectic work schedule for the entire company this past week, we fell a little behind, especially when it came to planning the first ever reshoots for TOTL. This short also marks the return of Jared Young, who helped out with the score! After one actor's bout with the flu, a 65 hour work week, and the chance to shoot on a killer location, here's "For The Love AND Money."

Starring: Cadry Nelson, Joel Bryant, Bill Hengstenberg, and David Phillips