That Sinking Feeling
Directed and Written by Brendon Fong

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Director's Notes

Log Line: "Comedy with a hint of Romance"

Whether it was to curb the further shrinking of their audience demographic or avoid dialogue driven shorts, "On The Lot" absolutely REFUSED to call this challenge "romantic comedy". In my mind, romantic comedies are dialogue driven and rely more on strong scripts than visuals, however, their log line caused a major bout with writer's block this time around, since it was so difficult to try and set this one apart from my previous shorts... So, after a huge struggle with a hectic work schedule, a different dialogue heavy script that was scrapped, and special effects that ran away in the opposite direction, here's "That Sinking Feeling..." Special thanks to Jared for composing the score on such short notice...

Starring: Eric Hailey, Tosha Pierce, Juliana Johnson, Joel Bryant, Scott Tompkins, and David Phillips