Out Cold
Directed and Written by Brendon Fong

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Director's Notes

Log Line: "A guy wakes up in a dress and doesn't remember how he got there."

So, this is it! My last entry for Trespassing On The Lot's first season. Seeing as the short film format (especially at 3 minutes) is usually ideal for the one punchline comedies, I figured I'd pull out all the stops and try my hand at an action flick this time around. I also attempted to pull in as many Trespassers as possible, so a lot of people from past challenges make an appearance in this one...

The log line was rather bland, but rather than try and work around it, we took it head on. Special thanks to everyone involved, especially Joel, who worked all the shoots into an extremely packed schedule, Kyle who nailed down a really great location, and Cody, who drew blood in his fight scene... Have we mentioned these shorts are made on no budget?!

Starring: Joel Bryant, Kyle Eliason, Percy "Spitfire" Brown, David Philips, Miriam Korn, Cody Harnish, Bill Hengstenberg, Tosha Pierce, Craig Ouellette, Deven Green


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