Directed and Written by Craig Ouellette

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Director's Notes

So the final episode of "On The Lot" gave us a chance to witness the skill and abilitiy of the final three contestants as they made an awesome final film and... oh, wait, they didn't? They didn't make a final film and only re-showed us some of their earlier ones? You mean a million dollar development deal was based on stuff we'd seen before?

Well, I didn't want to leave you watching two movies you could just scroll further down this list and watch, so I decided to make a finale for Season 1. Given that many of my shorts have been action oriented, I wanted to challenge myself with something more dialogue based (just as Brendon decided to challenge himself with a bad-ass action flick last week!).

I've got to give props to the amazing Laurel Marlantes, Scott Tompkins and Trespassing newcomer Lauren Patti for taking this one to the max. And for Mr. Fong for some awesome effects. So here's the end of Season 1. Season 2 will start in a few weeks, so stay tuned! And thanks for watching.

Starring: Laurel Marlantes, Scott Tompkins, and Lauren Patti


Production Stills