Act Your Age, Man!
Directed and Written by Craig Ouellette

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Director's Notes

Craig Ouellette is starting off season 2 of Trespassing On The Lot with "Act Your Age, Man", a screwball comedy about lust, revenge, brotherly "love" and chronomanipulation. (but NOT 2 girls or 1 cup)

The idea for this came about in response to an internet contest from Jason Reitman. Due to the deadline being 5 days away, I didn’t get it shot for that, but figured I’d give a good old comedy a try anyway. It’s not my usual genre and wanted to see what I could do with a rather fun and ridiculous idea. Let me know if it worked!

Starring: Todd Buteaux, Cody Harnish, Laurel Marlantes

Crew:: Brendon Fong

Props: Brian Erzen


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