WHEN ZOMBIES ATTACK: Part 3: The Dangers of Infighting
Directed and Written by Craig Ouellette

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Director's Notes

"WHEN ZOMBIES ATTACK! PSA 3: The Dangers of Infighting" is the first in a series which will continue throughout Season 2. (If you wonder where parts 1 & 2 are, I'll just say that they were destroyed when the zombies invaded the lab!) The threat is real, so prepare yourself!

Our first foray into Zombie horror resulted in our most challenging shoot to date. Not only did we have a fantastic makeup artist and a choreographed fight scene - we also had rain. LOTS of rain. And what else could we do when the forecast said it would rain, but shoot anyway! The resulting images are great, but it was definitely cold and wet and there were times when I was standing under my Jimmy-Rigged umbrella covering the camera wondering what the hell I was doing. I’m sure Laurel, Eric and Tosha asked the same thing as they stood out there in the rain wearing normal clothes, soaking wet yet never complaining.

And it wouldn’t have been complete without the cops showing up after we’d shot all the talking and only one take of the fight scene. Fortunately they were very cool when I asked if we could keep shooting for another 20 minutes to finish (It actually took 45). It would have really sucked if they’d shut us down since the chance of the rain matching another day would be very slim. Enjoy!

Starring: Laurel Marlantes, Tosha Pierce, Eric Haley, Jared Young, Aza Allen, Jeni Austin, Nancy McCrumb, Chris Bradley, Tara Macken, Brian Erzen

Makeup: Jessica Biddle

Fight Choreography: Chris Bradley, Nancy McCrumb, Tara Macken (

Crew/FX/Jimmy's: Brendon Fong, Brian Erzen

Weather F/X: Mother Nature


Production Stills