WHEN ZOMBIES ATTACK! PSA 4: The Temptation of Firearms
Directed and Written by Craig Ouellette

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Director's Notes

So we headed to high ground and actually climbed onto the roof of a building to shoot this. We didn’t have to contend with rain this time (which actually allowed us to set up lights!), but we did have a makeup artist who got very sick and couldn’t make it at the last minute. Fortunately everyone was awesome, pitched in and we made it happen with some ingenuity, Elmer’s glue, nail polish and chocolate syrup.

After the first Zombie PSA I wanted to do something based a little more on suspense than pure Zombie meyham (don’t worry, there is plenty more meyham to come!). And wanted to introduce some new characters who would play a part in the story.

We also made the "TV-Studio" scenes quite a bit more elaborate! Jared’s little studio has become an entirely virtual world with floating maps and TV-Screens. This is the first greenscreen I’ve ever done in one of my projects and it was really great to play with all the different possibilities. I’m sure I got carried away, but what the heck right!

Starring: Joel Bryant, Nancy McCrumb, Jared Young, Jeni Austin, Aza Allen, Percy "Spitfire" Brown

Crew/Graphics/Maps/Logo: Brendon Fong


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