WHEN ZOMBIES ATTACK! PSA 5: Close Quarters Combat
Directed and Written by Craig Ouellette

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Director's Notes

I really wanted to do something super action packed with this one. It was a lot of fun to shoot even though this was our longest shoot day so far, stretching to 12 hours for many of the folks. Still they were awesome and stuck with it and really went above and beyond. Once again we had our friends Nancy and Chris at Next Level Stunts come in to do some awesome stunt-doubling and falls. We even tried our hand at some gore as well. It's so much fun to work with all these cool creative people and come up with all this craziness.

And I've got to give props to Devin Monk, my best friend from back home, for having his film debut as the coat stealing outside zombie.

Enjoy, and use these tips wisely, they could save your life.

Starring Humans: Laurel Marlantes, Eric Haley, Tosha Pierce, Jared Young
Starring Zombies: Jamison Reeves, Devin Monk, Chris Bradley, Solomon, Percy "Spitfire" Brown, Katie, Jess & Laura, Jeni Austin

Makeup: Jessica Biddle, & Laura

Stunts & Effects: Nancy McCrumb, Chris Bradley, Solomon, (

Crew / Lighting / Dolly / Jimmy's: Brendon Fong


Production Stills