WHEN ZOMBIES ATTACK! PSA 6: Shut Up & Kick Some Ass!
Directed and Written by Craig Ouellette

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Director's Notes

This one is epic. It took two, 12 hour days of shooting ‘til 4am, which took place a month apart. Involved more zombies than ever before. Was a challenge to schedule with one of our lead actresses working for Disney (that darn Mouse!), everyone working a lot and my own travels. But we fought on and made it happen!

My goal with this one was to do a “Spielberg-ian Action Scene”. Meaning, one of those scenes Spielberg does so well where characters are revealing themselves, their relationships, goals and dreams while they are fighting some enemy. Hopefully filled with thrills and some laughs. Let me know if it worked.

Thanks to everyone who stuck it out for this one, I hope you enjoy it.

Starring Humans: Joel Bryant, Tosha Pierce, Laurel Marlantes, Eric Hailey, Jared Young
Starring Zombies: Brian Erzen, Robert Vestal, Percy “Spitfire” Brown, Brookes Crouse, Olga Sannikova, Mark Milian, Mike Morrison, Cody Harnish, Keisha Tucker, Bruce Lawrence. Makeup: Nicole Miles

Fight Choreography/Stunts: Kimo Keoke

Special F/X and Squibs: Christopher Bradley, Nancy McCrumb

Crew: Brian Erzen, Kimo Keoke, Kelly Lind, Mike Morrison

Armourer: Brendon Fong


Production Stills