Directed by Craig Ouellette
Written by Craig Ouellette & Michelle Spencer

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Director's Notes

Because of the last "When Zombies Attack!" episode, I found out about a website called, which runs monthly short film contests where they give you a theme and you have to make a short film for it. Given that this is the same format the 1st season of Trespassing On The Lot, I got excited to give it a try. On top of that, it is a contest with possible cash prizes and if we rock it through 3 rounds, funding for a feature!

The movie was shot on a very rainy night in December at a friend’s apartment. The plan with this one was to do it as a single shot (my first massive-moving-single-shot). We had 16 actors, and did 19 takes! It’s also my first film with real visual effects. It was quite a challenge to get it all to come together, but I’m really pleased with the results.

I’ve got to give a special thanks to Jenette Kozak for the location and help. Michelle Spencer, for writing it with me. David Alexander for doing the effects for us. And Brendon Fong for keeping the whole shoot running smoothly.

Hope you enjoy it.

Starring: Sadie Katz, Cody Harnish, Brandon Miquelon, Carmen Elena Mitchell, Willie Boy jr., Helenna Santos, Chris Desmond, Jackie Clifford, Jenette Kozak, Olga Sannikova, Rose Coleman, Brian Erzen, Stefany Northcutt, Tosha Pierce, Vaughn Johnson, Floyd Sanders, Jared Young

Visual F/X: David Alexander

Locations: Jenette Kozak


Production Stills