Who Could Ask For More?
Directed by Craig Ouellette
Written by Craig Ouellette & Carmen Elena Mitchell

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Director's Notes

We WON! Thanks to everyone’s votes for "The Last Big Blowout", we were one of the winners of the entry level contest for the theme the Party at What that means is we get to enter the Jury Level of the contest, for the theme… the Party.

So here is that film. It was shot over two days, and involved some pretty extensive writing and production design to get it to work. It was fun to have so much creativity on the set. All the actors really brought a lot to this in terms of flushing out characters and coming up with some fantastic bits. We even got to use some new actors as well (which was great fun), so here we have Carmen Elena Mitchell and Courtney Geigle doing their TOTL debuts. On top of that, this was the first time in a long time that I actually had a composer create the music. I think Thomas Corkran’s music really adds to the film.

Brian Erzen was a huge help on this one, from finding important locations to getting the bubbly to look good. Props to Brendon Fong for dragging his sick self down to help out A LOT. And Percy "Spitfire" Brown who just happened to be there and lend us a great helping hand.

I can’t say a whole lot about this without saying too much, so I think I’ll let it speak for it’s self. It was a great challenge to do, and hopefully we pulled it off (let us know!). If you’d like to see some behind the scenes, you can watch the "Making Of:" documentary here.

Starring: Laurel Marlantes, Eric Hailey, Carmen Elena Mitchell, Sadie Katz, Courtney Geigle

Makeup / FX: Francesca Ricci

Music: Thomas Corkran

Story Idea: Michelle Spencer


Production Stills