Directed and Written by Craig Ouellette

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Director's Notes

I was sitting at a diner eating lunch alone and for some reason the waitress brought out a 2nd glass of water to add to the glass of water I already had. And I thought “what if you only had one glass of water for two people? In the Desert.” And the movie wrote itself pretty easily. The first draft had a lot of dialogue, but by suggestion from Dan Kraus it made sense to do it with very little dialogue. After all, these two have been in the desert awhile, they are sick of talking to each other.

This script divided a lot of people, some absolutely loved it, and others did not get it at all and didn’t see the point. I’m happy to say that the final film has converted many of those who didn’t get it, so that’s cool. But in fact, getting people to love or hate something is the way to go, if they just think it’s “ok” then I think I didn’t to my best job of making something.

So we found this location out in Palmdale, CA. It was a nice 70 the day we scouted, but 3 days later when we shot it was…53 with a 42 degree windchill. So Carmen and Todd are uncomfortable, but probably not for the reasons you think. I think it helps their fantastic performances, as does the kick ass makeup by Liz Mendoza. And Kimo Keoke’s fight choreography helps sell the desperation.

I’m really happy with how this turns out and hope you enjoy it as well. My question to you is this, “Will you Ration?”

Starring: Carmen Elena Mitchell, Todd Buteaux

Makeup / FX: Liz Mendoza

Music: Thomas Corkran

Fight Choreography/Crew: Kimo Keoke

Brochure Graphics: Brendon Fong


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