Countdown To DEATH!
Directed and Written by Craig Ouellette

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Director's Notes

So the theme for this months contest was "Race against the Clock". And I thought "Yahoo! Something action packed awaits!". I realized I had never made a true, pedal to the metal Kung-Fu style action movie. So the first call was to Kimo Keoke, asking if he wanted to be a Jackie Chan martial arts star. He thought it was a good idea.

The entire movie was written and rewritten as we looked for Kung-Fu capable actors. Because depending on how many we had and what their skills were, would be a major factor in what we could and couldn’t do. The idea for the Time Bomb was there from the beginning.

The shoot day was a 14 hour marathon. A day that went surprisingly smoothly considering just how much had to be shot. We’d rehearsed for a few hours a couple days before, which was a lifesaver. That allowed me to plan out the shots and everyone to have a solid idea of what they were to do.

A few lessons were learned on the shoot:
1. Never use your car as a Kung-Fu fighting prop. It makes a mess out of it.
2. Try not to shoot 7 pages of solid action in one day. It’s pretty tough on your lead actor who’s in every single fight.
3. Safety first. We took our time, and thankfully no one got hurt other than some bumps and bruises.

By now it’s taking you longer to read this than to watch the thing. Get to watching, the clock is ticking!

Starring: Kimo Keoke, Tosha Pierce, Chris Jai Alex, Ken Arata, David Neyts, Amy Johnston, Tara Macken, Dove Cerrisa, Geoff Stirling & Byrne Owens

Music: Thomas Corkran

Fight Choreography/Crew: Kimo Keoke

Gaffer / AD / Bomb Technician: Brendon Fong


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