Directed and Written by Craig Ouellette

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Director's Notes

I’ve been studying directing lately with an awesome teacher, Judith Weston, and really wanted to apply some of the techniques I’ve been learning. So I cast two great actresses from my classes who were game for the challenge, Soseh Kevorkian and Jessica Lancaster, and got to work making the movie.

My goal with this was to do a movie that was more subtle and subtext oriented than my recent films. To focus on the relationship and connection between the two people. It was a great challenge and I’m really happy with the results. (Don’t worry, it’s still a Craig O film).

This was actually shot before "Countdown To Death" (Season 2 #12), but wasn’t finished until now.

We had some issues with locations and housemates, having to whisper like church mice in between every take. But for the most part it went smoothly. Everyone involved was great and stepped up to make it happen.

Starring: Jessica Lancaster
Written & Directed by Craig Ouellette
Production Design: Brian Erzen
Music: Johnathan Price
Makeup: Liz Mendoza
Gaffer/Key Grip : Genghis Jorgensen


Production Stills