Directed and Written by Craig Ouellette

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Director's Notes

Because "Countdown to DEATH!" was a winner at for the theme Race Against The Clock, we had a chance to make a Jury level short using the same theme. After much struggle trying to come up with another Kung-Fu action type film, I was working to finish a lot of movies and shorts and projects that have been lingering on my computer. I’m trying to finish everything in order to clear the slate to make a feature film called "Straight On Till Morning" in 2010.

Well, clearing the slate caused some major stress. The projects turned out to be much more time consuming than first thought. And even though I had very little work at the time, I was forcing myself to get them done now. Fast. Relentlessly. Forcing myself to the point of stressing out and burning out and having a lot of not great days, including my birthday. Yep, work away your birthday…wake up dude.

Because of that, turning 35, and having the first high blood pressure check of my life made me realize I’d better wake up and balance life better.

So here’s what I came up with. It was a super fast and furious shoot, like the Trespassing shorts of yore. Run in gun, racing the sun, lots of fun. People were all for it, Alexandra joined at the last minute due to an illness, and was great. Eric and Jeff shined. And Joel showed a side of himself that I’d never seen, but I think lives in a lot of us.

Wake up.

Starring: Joel Bryant, Alexandra Nowak, Eric Hailey, Jeff Elam

Crew: Lisa Rainbows, Eric Hailey


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